Simple tilt controls that is easy to use and just feel right

Original, simple, incredebily fun and addictive

Enjoy 72 unique images from ART, CARS and WORLD collection

Help Lobly

Two game modes- "Gallery mode" and "Paint The World"

Colect colors and unlock images

In full version play 360 stages and open 72 unique images from ART, CARS and WORLD collection.

In FREE version you will have to finish 21 stages and open 6 unique images from ART, CARS and WORLD collection. When finishing the stages you will enjoy in full color images and get info about things on images.

You will also be able to play "Paint The World" mode in FREE version. In this mode you have to collect as much color as needed to get messages from Lobly you can post on Facebook and to raise curtain on "Paint the World" painting.

Become part of the game!

Send us your drawings or photos you made and you may become part of new FREE LOBLY gallery in the game!

Send us something from these two categories

handmade illustrations or computer illustrations

photos of nature, buildings, animals, landscapes or cars

Dimension of longer side of image should be at least 1500 pixels

you have to be the author of image

We will choose 6 best images for FREE gallery that will come with one of fupdates. You will be named inside game in info screen of the image. Let the whole world see your talent!

You have something ready?

having trouble?
send it on

the winners wil be anounced on our facebook page

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